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Determine / Show WIndows NICs Index and Metric

Some usef=ul commands:
route print - the initial part of the output shows the nwtrok interface indexes and middle part show the NICs metrix and gateway priority
netsh int ipv4 show interfaces - shows list of NICs with MTUm, index and Metric,.
Powershell: Get-WMIObject Win32_networkadapter | Select-Object Name, AdapterType, InterfaceIndex | Format-List Shows index of network cards
Powershell: Get-NetIpInterface Get info of Index, MTU and Mteric of all NICs
SAP related Notes: 1568249 - How to Change Network adapter priority in Windows 1841151 - Windows Server 2012 (and higher) - different NIC order 2109662 - Windows returns wrong IP address as source IP SAP on VMware related: 2161991 - VMware vSphere configuration guidelines

rsync - recursive and preserving permissions

Had a case where i need to sync up /hana/data dn /hana/log to a whole new disk..
i used rsync, but f-up the permission part..
so here's a note to myself
rsync -rlptgoDHAX <source-dir> <target-dir>
You want the -p flag: -p, --perms preserve permissions I tend to always use the -a flag, which is an aggregation of -p and several other useful ones: -a, --archive archive mode; equals -rlptgoD (no -H,-A,-X) -H, --hard-links Preserve hard links -A, --acls This option causes rsync to update the destination ACLs to be the same as the source ACLs. The option also implies --perms. The source and destination systems must have compatible ACL entries for this option to work properly. See the --fake-super option for a way to backup and restore ACLs that are not compatible. -X, --xattrs This option causes rsync to update the destination extended attributes to be the same as the source ones. For systems that support exte…

CSS: Puting Things Dead Center

SOme examples i got from Twitterr:
.container {     display: grid
    place-iitems: center
{ display: block; margin: auto; } { display: flex; justify-content: center; align-items: center; } { width: 50%; margin: 0 25%; } { text-align: center; } { position: absolute; top: 50%; left: 50%; transform: translate(-50%, -50%); }
{     margin-left: auto;     margin-righ: auto;     width: 960px; /*example*/ }

VBScript clearner.vbs - Delete File Based on Last Modified Date and Filter by File Extension

A VB script, i forgot where i got it.


'****************************************************************** ' naam: Cleanup.vbs ' function: ' - Cleanup old files depending on the age of x days ' - Check for file extension ' - Possible to recurse in subfolders ' - For clustered drives, will check first if the drive exists on that server ' author: SDR '****************************************************************** Option Explicit Dim wshShell Dim FilePath, Retention, FileFilter, FilterExt, SubFilter Dim fso, Folder, DriveLetter Set wshShell = wscript.createobject("") Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
'******************************************************************* ' Fill in below variables ' ex. ' FilePath = "D:\BACKUP" ' Retention = 2 ' note: Retention is in days ' If you need to filter by extention, set the FileFilter to True and fill in FilterExt ' If you nee…

User administration page in Solution Manager for Each Scenarrios and Use Cases and Its Respective rroles

User administration page in Solution Manager.
Solution Manager has a lot of scenarios and use cases, and all of them require different roles/authorizations to be used.
We can find the template users in this administration page, together with their use-case, so we can activate and use the correct roles for the different scenario’s:
Below screenshot is from Solution manager 7.2 FP 09

Kudos Stijn de Regge

Communication Between S/4HANA and an EDI Server Failed due to Inconsistent Time

1. Shutdown both HANA DB and S/4HANA Applications in S4H.customer.local
2. As user root, backup the /etc/ntp.conf file in S4H.customer.local
3. Run the ntpdate -u command to update the machine clock.
   e.g.: ntpdate -u
4. Open the /etc/ntp.conf file and add the NTP server: Add the line below:
   server  mode 5 prefer
5. Restart the NTP Daemon using the command (as user root):
systemctl restart ntpd
6. Check the clock settings
7. Check the status of the ntpd daemon
systemctl status ntpd
7. Restart both HANA DB and S/4HANA Applications in S4H.customer.local

Kudos to Alvin Domanico and Dormal Benoit


SuSE Update Lists No Repository

We need to perform OS patching for ORAC But found the SUSE connect error and no repositorieds defined. No updates can found currently.

ls -l /etc/products.d
Wrong baseproduct is defined, it should be
cd /etc/products.d unlink baseproduct ln -s baseproduct
cat /var/log/cloudregister
zypper repos
zypper lp --category security
Kudos to Stijn De Regge

Restart an SAP service internally in SAP without restarting the service itself

If we restart whole instance, users get disconnected etc, so in a case, for example, we want to restart only message server, we can eithr use MMC and All Task > Restart Service for MessageServer or more simply via command:

sapcontrol -nr 61 -function RestartService
and to check:

sapcontrol -nr 61 -function GetProcessList
Kudos to Stijn De Regge and Tibor Fenyosi for the guide! :3