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Fiori Apps Keep Calling Internal Hostname / Internal FQDN

Had this issue where certain apps calls internal hostnames or internal FQDN when clicking or spawning webdynpro URL or any calling of internally hosted attachment. To change this setting, general steps as below: Check the app is using which local Alias - is it LOCAL or S4PS or S4FIn or whatever Check in /UI2/V_ALIASMAP / /UI2/V_ALIASCAT that alis is mapped to which alias. Check in SM59 under HTTP Connections to ABAP System if let say the Alias name is LOCAL, so there should be three LOCAL_xx created, which are: LOCAL_HTTP LOCAL_HTTPS LOCAL_HTTPT SO change for each of this, to the correct FQDN or hostname Hope this helps someone. //alak

Determine / Show WIndows NICs Index and Metric

Some usef=ul commands: route print - the initial part of the output shows the nwtrok interface indexes and middle part show the NICs metrix and gateway priority netsh int ipv4 show interfaces - shows list of NICs with MTUm, index and Metric,. Powershell: Get-WMIObject Win32_networkadapter | Select-Object Name, AdapterType, InterfaceIndex | Format-List Shows index of network cards Powershell:  Get-NetIpInterface Get info of Index, MTU and Mteric of all NICs SAP related Notes: 1568249 - How to Change Network adapter priority in Windows 1841151 - Windows Server 2012 (and higher) - different NIC order 2109662 - Windows returns wrong IP address as source IP SAP on VMware related: 2161991 - VMware vSphere configuration guidelines //alak