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OPatch failed with error code = 41

Trying to pacth Oracle 11g on Windows.

Log file location: x:\oracle\xxx\11203\cfgtoollogs\opatch\14223718_Sep_27_2012_1

Recommended actions: OPatch needs to modify files which are being used by some p

OPatch failed with error code = 41

Found this help:
Its a know bug and the fix is renaming belo files temporarily.


Just rename it to anything, and run opatch apply again. It will then succeed.


Solaris 10 SUnOS 5.10 not detect Intel 82562EZ NIC on x86 System

So we installed Solaris 10 on a crappy Dell Optiplex 170L
It does not detect the integrated Ethernet NIC network card

Googled the spec and believe its the Intel 82562EZ Ethernet

Googled again and found this site which really helped.

below mirror for me self:

Solaris 10 – x86 – Getting intel 82562EZ (Asus P5GD1) working (Solaris Driver) I added
iprb "8086,1050"
iprb "8086,1064"
to /etc/driver_aliases
and then
touch /etc/dhcp.iprb0
touch /etc/hostname.iprb0
followed by

shutdown -i6 -g0 -y
And I was able to get the Intel 10/100 VE Network Interface (82652 EZ) functioning as it should under solaris. The driver is included with Solaris 10 for x86 but you need to do the above to get the driver working with this board.

BUT! mine was to change the 8086 part to pci8086 to become somewhat:

iprb "pci8086,1050"
iprb "pci8086,1064"

and everything works OK after wards.