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Exim - Remove frozen emails.

Check mail que: /usr/sbin/exim -bp Remove frozen emails: for i in `/usr/sbin/exim -bp | grep "frozen" | cut -d' ' -f4|grep "1M"`; do rm -f /var/spool/exim/input/$i*;done Kudos howmun, cllee //alak

Move on!

Move on? Lek luh.. haha Anak itik tok wi Mandi dlm kolam Saket ape tok wi sakit sendi tulang Obat ape Tok wi Obat limau lelam Saket ape tok ti saket sendi tulang tok wi? tok wi xpo a.. kawe amek. >:)~ //move on? not yet at least..they still owe me. //alak

MetaBase.xml Request object error 'ASP 0104 : 80004005' Operation not Allowed / Error ’80020009’ Exception occurred

Folks, hear me now.. And you shall be deemed from the sak-es world of winblows.. haih~! So this morning an email came in requesting for editing te max upload filesize limit in IIS.. by default iis allow only max 200kB. So, how o i edit it? Wel.. first googling around, i came to this hit which tells me to edit the c:\Windows\System32\Ientsrv\MetaBase.xml file, change the approriate valur, stop IIS then save the xml file, then re-u IIS and everything would be settled for. I found it here . That stupid 'simple' lottle guide had cost me 60000 heart-pounding/sec moment. demkit! A whole semi-dedicated server was down! Urghhhhhh! >__< and theres also here and here but dude! seriously. DONT! trust me. >.< So, whats the correct way? Well, still an easy one, or here well, why? first, its not involve you stopping IIS, second, it directsly edit the 'running' config, means its beaing applie

I Found It! :D

Well, this is a quick one. I finally ound it! i searched till i stoped searching. It was right there all along, well 'under' there would be much appropricate. But.. How come/ how onn earth it has gotten down there? Under the carpet!? haih~ Never mind that.. at least i've found it.. hehehehe XD~ Now my iPhone is protected again.. :)~Thanx. //alak