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Guided steps to help enable SNOTE for TCI and Digitally signed SAP Notes

  SAP Note 2836302 brings a report (RCWB_TCI_DIGITSIGN_AUTOMATION) that provides guided steps to help you enable SNOTE for TCI and Digitally signed SAP Notes. This report also guides you with the configuration steps based on your SAP_BASIS release From: //alak

SAP: Segregate Different SMTP Mail Server Based on Sender Domain

  Requirement : An SAP server, with a single Productive client shared by multiple company codes. Each CoCode would have their own domain (FQDN), and any email send out, for example PO to vendors, are to be sent using each individual CoCode SMTP mail server. Solution Steps: 1. Configure multiple SMTP nodes in Tx SCOT, limiting each node with a Sender Group 2. Set different Sender Group (CDG) parameters for each user of each CoCode (Tx SU01 > Parameters) 3. Test using SCOT's Routing Test feature 4. Profit Detail Step: Logon to SAP system and configure multiple SMTP Node, can use  Continue with SCOT Wizard. Once you get multiple Nodes (as per below screenshot), double click any of them,  In this example, we double click on the "SECOND" node. And then click on "Set" button for the address type you want to configure (that would most probably be for INT type) And click the Pencil icon for setting the Sender Group Here we can set based on FQDN or any string. We are

Reset SAPSR3DB Password Failed using SAP brtools - Manual Way updating SecStore

 Refer to SAP note 1592575 - Recreating and secstore.key for 7.00/7.01/7.02 J2EE Netweaver systems Download the attachments. BEWARE: THE POWERPOINT CONTAINS INCORRECT SYNTAX. BEWARE: THE LAST COMMAND IN THE TXT FILE HAS A TYPO. the steps in that note might not directly rrelfectted here. but these steps are valid. Exmaple of executions as below: # java -classpath tc_sec_secstorefs.jar:exception.jar:iaik_jce.jar:logging.jar create -s ECD -f -k sec.key -enc -p Password1 SAP Secure Store in the File System - Copyright (c) 2003 SAP AG Store with encryption and a key phrase created. # java -classpath tc_sec_secstorefs.jar:exception.jar:iaik_jce.jar:logging.jar insert -s ECD -f -k sec.key admin/user/ECD SAPSR3DB SAP Secure Store in the File System - Copyright (c) 2003 SAP AG Key/value pair inserted. # java -classpath tc_sec_secstorefs.jar:exce