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SAP SPAM/TMS: Object Locked by xxx

Sometimes during Support Package installation via SPAM/SAINT OCS will complaint some objects s locked by some Transport Request. But when you try to release the Transport Reuest, it'll say some other objects locked by OCS queue. Found a cheat here: You can resolve this issue in 2 ways: 1. Go to SE03 and then you use the unlock object option. Here make sure you are unlocking both the request as well as the task in it. 2. You can also release the transport request locally i.e without a target. You need to simply remove the target through SE01. The objects will be unlocked once the TR is released and also won't move to the next system.

Connecting to HP 1910 J007A Switch via Console using Mac OS X Malvericks 10.9.3

Hi, Have a case to console in to HP 1910 J007A HP switch. Using ATEN UC232A (Prolific?) S232 to SUB converter and a good console cable(RJ45 to S232). Installation used as per here: After driver installation, and after loading the kernel externsion using below command: sudo kextload /System/Library/Extensions/ProlificUsbSerial.kext i open up a terminal. in my case, i use iTerm for Mac. the format for the screen syntax is as: screen and HP's BAUD is 38400 so command: screen /dev/tty.usbserial 38400 Login authentication Username:admin Password: #Apr 23 12:49:06:656 2001 HP V1910 Switch SHELL/4/LOGIN:  Trap login from Console %Apr 23 12:49:06:806 2001 HP V1910 Switch SHELL/4/LOGIN: admin login from aux0 ? User view commands:   initialize  Delete the startup configuration file and reboot system   ipsetup     Spec

Example querying from MS SQL - SAP Table USR02

SELECT TOP 10 [MANDT]       ,[BNAME]       ,[BCODE]       ,[GLTGV]       ,[GLTGB]       ,[USTYP]       ,[CLASS]       ,[LOCNT]       ,[UFLAG]       ,[ACCNT]       ,[ANAME]       ,[ERDAT]       ,[TRDAT]       ,[LTIME]       ,[OCOD1]       ,[BCDA1]       ,[CODV1]       ,[OCOD2]       ,[BCDA2]       ,[CODV2]       ,[OCOD3]       ,[BCDA3]       ,[CODV3]       ,[OCOD4]       ,[BCDA4]       ,[CODV4]       ,[OCOD5]       ,[BCDA5]       ,[CODV5]       ,[VERSN]       ,[CODVN]       ,[TZONE]       ,[ZBVMASTER]       ,[PASSCODE]       ,[PWDCHGDATE]       ,[PWDSTATE]       ,[RESERVED]       ,[PWDHISTORY]       ,[PWDLGNDATE]       ,[PWDSETDATE]       ,[PWDINITIAL]       ,[PWDLOCKDATE]       ,[PWDSALTEDHASH]       ,[SECURITY_POLICY]   FROM [Q99].[q99].[USR02] //alak