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Full Description of SAP Executable (Kernel Components, etc.)

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Here is List of SAP executable that you may find on your SAP systems. If you know of SAP executables “*.exe” files missing in from list, please leave a comment: R3check           This is a tool that can check Cluster-Tables for errors. R3ldctl                        The tool for exporting all table structures to the file system during an OS/DB-Migration. R3load                        The table import & export tool of SAP during Installation, Upgrade and Migration. R3szchk                      The tool for determine the sizes of the different tables in the target database during the import in an OS/DB-Migration. R3ta                            Split large tables for export and import R3trans                       This is the tool, which does the real work for tp, tp controls the import and export of changes and R3trans does those using scripts, which were generat…