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Full Description of SAP Executable (Kernel Components, etc.)

A direct rip from: Thanks Amit Gupta ! Here is List of SAP executable that you may find on your SAP systems. If you know of SAP executables “*.exe” files missing in from list, please leave a comment: R3check            This is a tool that can check Cluster-Tables for errors. R3ldctl                           The tool for exporting all table structures to the file system during an OS/DB-Migration. R3load                           The table import & export tool of SAP during Installation, Upgrade and Migration. R3szchk                         The tool for determine the sizes of the different tables in the target database during the import in an OS/DB-Migration. R3ta                               Split large tables for export and import R3trans                          This is the tool, which does the real work for tp, tp controls the import and export of changes and R3tran