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SAP: Manual Transports between System/Clients

it so happen that RFC connection became a problematic issue i on of my clients' landscape. But there was few urgent transport requests. RFC problem means cannot retrieve/import/export files in STMS. Temporary workaround? Manually copy over file and add transport request in target system. Example scenario: - from DEV to PRD - TR number is 900277 1. In DEV, locate your /usr/sap/trans directory. 2. there should be many folders, but we are concern with 'data' and 'cofiles' 3. format for data file and cofiles file is this: Data file: R .  for example: R900277.DEV Cofiles file: K .  for example: K900277.DEV 4. Copy from DEV's data/R900277.DEV and cofiles/K900277.DEV into PRD's data/ and cofiles/ folder respectively. 5. Open SAPGui, and go to tcode STMS 6. CLick on the Transport icon (the lorry) 7. Click on the PRD system 8. In Menu Bar, Extras > Other Requests > Add as below screenshot: 9. Enter your request number as following f

WSB: Full backup vs. System State backup

WSB or Windows Server Backup utility gives you a quite basic and direct backup utility. You can have it scheduled and dump it on a saperate net share or however settings you may have in your environemtn. Theres Full Backup and System State Backup? What are them? Google. Whats the difference? Well, from this ref link i basically confirms my understanding which is Full Backup includes a System State Backup. Thats all. Just fo my own note. Note: - WSB FAQ - System State Backup restoration TQ. .alak

Full and System State Active Directory Server Backup through Command Line

Case: - AD server physical disk crashed. - Bpught a new replacement HDD and restored from a Acronis backup image (.tib). - Restored AD boots up but seem to fail when loading services. - To no avail, planning to do a Windows Server Backup (full) from a redundant server and restore from Directory Services Recovery Mode (DSRM) - advance boot options. - a side note: Somehow, booting into DSRM works. Ref: - Steps: - i choose CLi coz i think its less complicated. - i set up a shared folder on diff server, and planned to write it to the shared folder. - syntax used: wbadmin start backup -include:c: -backuptarget:\\ \WinBackup_1\ -quiet - currently in progress: And for the sake of it, i have a system state backup too: wbadmin start systemstatebackup -backuptarget:\\vantage02\Vantage\WinBackup_1\  -quiet Screenshot: Ouh! a System State Backup can't be saved on a Shared Folder.. okayguy.jpg So simple,