SAP: Manual Transports between System/Clients

it so happen that RFC connection became a problematic issue i on of my clients' landscape.
But there was few urgent transport requests.
RFC problem means cannot retrieve/import/export files in STMS.

Temporary workaround? Manually copy over file and add transport request in target system.

Example scenario:
- from DEV to PRD
- TR number is 900277

1. In DEV, locate your /usr/sap/trans directory.
2. there should be many folders, but we are concern with 'data' and 'cofiles'
3. format for data file and cofiles file is this:

Data file: R.  for example: R900277.DEV
Cofiles file: K.  for example: K900277.DEV

4. Copy from DEV's data/R900277.DEV and cofiles/K900277.DEV into PRD's data/ and cofiles/ folder respectively.
5. Open SAPGui, and go to tcode STMS
6. CLick on the Transport icon (the lorry)
7. Click on the PRD system
8. In Menu Bar, Extras > Other Requests > Add as below screenshot:

9. Enter your request number as following format: K, in our case: DEVK900277

10. Ok. the request wil appear in the queue list, and now you can transport as per usual.

Good luck!



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