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Just scan it? XD~

P/S: Yes, i meant it to be THAT obvious. =p //alak

Congratulation Sis.. =)~

This is my first lil sis.. Last Sunday, 18 October 2009, she receive her graduation scroll for her Diploma, in.. er... Mass Comm? er.... nevertheles... CONGRATZ SIS! XD~ //alak

And it went... =)~

The 640-802 was today. This morning, at around 11.40 am.. Alhamdulillah.. I passed. =)~ //alak

Feeling FOSS.MY eniwan?

Erm.. it so happens this yar i volunteerd as part of FOSS.MY.. wel.. jadi kuli je pun.. erm.. nevertheless, erm.. how shud i do this.. Er... guys.. can i just rip the default spam blast template? XD here goes: ========================== Hi! 2009 is South-East-Asia's largest grassroots Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) event. It is our second such conference - we aim for this to be an annual event bringing together professionals and enthusiasts from Malaysia, South-East-Asia and the rest of the world for a two day grassroots driven FOSS conference. We've got an excellent line up: 4 keynote speakers, 28 great talks and 8 Bird-of-Feather side sessions. Richard Stallman (rms), the father of Free Software, will be keynoting on Free Software Movement, GNU software and GNU/Linux. There will be a substantial Q&A session where you can ask him your questions and even get an autograph. We're arranging for Free Software Foundation merchandise to be sold so you can show y

The downfall? wel.. urm.. nt yet.. =)~

This is a post responing to: and few others not mentioned here.. and dcpp.. wel.. erm... haih.. credits to chaah, and a few others who was involved in pioneering dcpp in utp.. effort diorg.. haih~ syg.. xdak maintaner.. wel.. ade jek kot.. tp tuh a.. nk wt cmana.. cilake2 admin lg veto.. tp... if korg betul2 nk.. bleh je kan? >:D kenape nk kene ade dcpp? kenape nk kene ade mirc? sbb.. mereke2 yg bawak masuk dulu.. dorg suke mende2 neh.. dorg rase mende2 neh akan menvarietykan lg kehidupan.. dorg rase kalau ade cam lg best.. x a cam plain sgt kehidpan seharian.. dorg rase kalau share, ade kesenangannye.. and mereke betul! ape bezanye ngan skrg? org reti gune je.. org reti leech je.. org reti nakkkk je.. tp... heh.. bape org sbenanye provide ek? skali skala.. pasang a tanduk sket

Juniper Certified? =D~

Hyeeee~!!!!! XD~ Gumbire hati terase.. Walau lame x post, tp neh hari ne terus rase nk post mende baru sbijik.. Sbb ape? sbbb..... same la nagn tajuk post ne.. Juniper Certs! XD Pada 8 Oct dan 9 Oct, saya telah berjaye mendapatkan bukan 1, bukan 2, tp... 3 certification dr Jupiter Networks.. ehehehehe.. tahniah kepada diri sdirik!! =D So ape tuh Juniper? Kalau Cisco Certified tuh org tau gak kan? Erm, well, Juniper Networks ne kompeni besar gak a, die ade banyak gk solution2 utk networking related, IDS, VPN, VoIP, selain dr yg bese2 routing and switching solutions.. Erm, just like CISCO, die ade gak certification program sdirik, bleh refer sini kalau nk tahu lebeh lanjut.. Well, back to me, what did i manage to certify myself? Well, its this three: As of today, Me myself have been awarded:- 1) JNCIA-ER (JN0-342): Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate on Enterprise Routing .2) JNCIA-EX (JN0-400): Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate on EX-Series Switch Network. 3) JNCI