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Error: Cannot register the hard disk 'slave-template.vdi' {43fdc3ab-a37e-4508-8355-3333c43ca395} because a hard disk 'template.vdi' with UUID {43fdc3ab-a37e-4508-8355-3333c43ca395} already exists

Virtual Box for Mac, encountered and error saying imported vdi file existed with spesific UUID. Error when trying to import existing .vdi harddisk files in Virtual Box. Reason is because each vdi (harddisk) is tag with a unique UID, thus can't be replicated. BUT, you can clone it. OOn Mac OS X, Virtual Box comes with a cloning utility. Open Terminal and enter below: VBoxManage clonehd <old.vdi> <new.vdi> and it wil be clone accordingly. :) /alak

Searching exploit modules in Metasploit

Quoted from HD Moore from Metasploit framework mailing list: The still-not-documented-keyword-system is much more flexible (and slower), but takes the following options: name Search within the module's descriptive name name:Microsoft path Search within the module's path name path:windows/smb platform Search for modules affecting this platform/target platform:linux type Search for modules that are of a specific type (exploit, auxiliary, or post) type:exploit app Search for modules that are either client or server attacks app:client author Search for modules written by author author:hdm cve Search for modules with a matching CVE ID cve:2009 bid Search for modules with a matching Bugtraq ID bid:10078 osvdb Search for modules with a matching OSVDB ID osvdb:875 Simple search by BID: And another using PLATFORM directive: It may be not that perfect yet: but it works! : A very big kudos to HDM :) //alak