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Quick Dirty Script for Checking Oracle Data Gurad Gap and Emailing it

 Situation: primary DB: prd_CCC standby DB: prd_WWW file 1: gap-check.bat @echo off cls echo. echo. echo This script checks for Archive Logs at prd_ccc and Applied Logs at prd_www echo. echo Querying prd_ccc (Primary) echo select max(sequence#) "Primary" from v$archived_log where archived='YES';|sqlplus -s / as sysdba echo Querying prd_www (Standby) echo select max(sequence#) "Standby" from v$archived_log where applied='YES';|sqlplus -s / as sysdba echo. DGMGRL / "show configuration" date /t && time /t && hostname && whoami file 2: emailer.ps1 $Username      = "username" $EmailPassword = "password" $today = Get-Date $Username = $Username $EmailTo = ""  $EmailFrom = "" $Body = Get-Content .\status.log -Raw $Subject = "PRIMARY/STANDBY DB GAP - $today" $SMTPServer = ""  $SMTPMessage = New-Object System.Net.Mai

SAP Client Copy Error: Errors occurred during export of container object FINB-TR-DERIVATION

 Reference from: TL;DR - Execute report ABADRCHECK with selected 'DELSTEPS' //alak ==== Client copy is completed with status "Post-Processing Required". There is an error in log for object FINB-TR-DERIVATION: DA300 "No active nametab exists for *some db table*" Name of db table is usually with naming convention: xxyyyysssmmmnnnn (xx - application class, yyyy - strategy ID, sss - system indicator, mmm - client, nnnn - sequence number) These db tables are part of some instance of derivation tool in your system and are used to store Derivation Rule Values. Other terms ABADR, FINB_TR_CC_EXIT, FINB_TR_CC_EXIT_TARGET, DA 300, DA300, CC, SCC9, SCCL, SCC3 Reason and Prerequisites During processing CC there was huge workload into your system. CC processcreates new tables to store copied derivation rules. This is done in parallel asynchronous process. But due to workload into system, t