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SAP Troubleshooting WIki - VERY VERY USEFUL

Has some issue with Soman Java Stack.

Came acros SAP Note 1316652 - Analysis of startup errors for the AS Java 7.10

and it led to



Check SecStore KeyPhrase of Java Stack

SOLMAN E:\usr\sap\MDJ\SYS\global\sltools>checkKeyPhrase.bat -f E:\usr\sap\MDJ\SY
   INFO: Loading tool launcher...
   INFO: [OS: Windows Server 2012 R2] [VM vendor: SAP AG] [VM version: 1.6.0_105
] [VM type: SAP Java Server VM]
   INFO: Main class to start: ""
   INFO: Loading 40 JAR files: [E:\usr\sap\MDJ\SYS\global\sltools\sharedlib\chec
kKeyPhrase.jar, E:\usr\sap\MDJ\SYS\global\sltools\sharedlib\jdbc.jar, E:\usr\sap
\MDJ\SYS\global\sltools\sharedlib\jperflib.jar, E:\usr\sap\MDJ\SYS\global\sltool
s\sharedlib\jsizecheck.jar, E:\usr\sap\MDJ\SYS\global\sltools\sharedlib\miglib.j
ar, E:\usr\sap\MDJ\SYS\global\sltools\sharedlib\,
E:\usr\sap\MDJ\SYS\global\sltools\sharedlib\, E:\usr\sa

DB2 Issues - DB21061E and SQL1668N - System Copy Export DB6

i was doing SysCopy Export Sys for NW 7.4 (Solman 7.2) ABAP -  DB2 LUW 10.5

Error During db export:

(RTF) ########## WARNING ###########
    Without ORDER BY PRIMARY KEY the exported data may be unusable for some databases

(EXP) ERROR: DbSlPrepare/BegRead failed
  rc = 99, table "/BI0/D0CCMVRKFP"
  (SQL error -1668)
  error message returned by DbSl:
SQL1668N  The operation failed because the operation is not supported with this environment. Reason code: "5
(DB) INFO: disconnected from DB

I updated kernel to latest,a dn updated SWPM to latest. No success

found this note: 2357018 - BW Content Activation fails in SOLMAN_SETUP for DB2

it ask to execute
db2 update dbm cfg using intra_parallel yes

but when i try it gives me this:

SOLMAN e:\>db2
DB21061E  Command line environment not initialized.


SOLMAN C:\Windows\system32>echo %DB2CLP%

SOLMAN C:\Windows\system32>
SOLMAN C:\Windows\system32&…