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Migrating Database from MSSQL 2008 to 2005

If you go googleing around, you'll probably find, "impossible" cannot backward compatible, and damn a lot for migrating 05 to 08 and 00 to 05. Fsck google. Here's how i do it. From the mssql 2008, right click on the databse, Task > Generate Script.. You'll come to a wizard. Select your database. next. at the options selection page, make sure you choose two vital option, 1) migrate type to MSSQL 2005, 2) Data Script . Next. selct all. select all. paceroh. then while it creating trhe sql statements, there might be errors. Why? because usually some data types in 2008 nt exist in 2005. so what u do? adjust a where applicable.. -____-" Then, try generate sql again. setel. next, just create a db in 2005. execute the script. done. and you'll vbe oine hepi chaild. :D P/s: sory, no screenshots. lazy. And Kudos to Ewe fr the data script part. Tahnx. //alak