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DUmp RAW WiFi packets on Mac?

Well, as the ttitle suggest, this might be inetersting. Run this in your terminal: /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Apple80211.framework/Versions/Current/Resources/airport Warning: it will disconnect you from your current connection. Quoted from here : i know this thread is pretty dead, but for anyone else who might stumble upon this, here's an easy way to sniff packets: /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Apple80211.framework/Versions/Current/Resources/airport is a binary that'll do many nifty things... run it without any arguments to get a list of options... specifically, "sudo airport sniff" (obviously, after making a link to the binary) will output a .cap file to /tmp... then you just need to run aircrack on that file... only downer is that you can't see how many packets you've collected so far... closest you could do is run something like "du /tmp/*.cap" and keep track of how large the file's getting Need further exploring tho.. //alak

MBSA - Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer

I came to an asigbment that reuiqres me to use MBSA. Wadehel? i never used this tool before. well, it turns out its quite direct enough. a brief example, a copy paste from here and there. Hope this helps anyone. MBSA basically uses "Remote Registry" and SMB to login and gather all data it wants. it can check ffor few things: ok.. skip the intro, more info go rtfm here : Erm, the stupid simple working is that the PC which is canning, and the target PC must have the same password/username, so that MBSA will then login and check for what it needs, and the username must have administrative privilleges. so, is there anyway that you cna set the username/password in mbsa.exe? NO! is there anyway you can login as a domain account in your scanning pc, because the target pc is using domain logins? NO. stupid . solution? use mbsacli.exe. Yup command line. Heres what i did; in my case, i needed to login as a domain account instea

imapsync: message_string() expected 8566 bytes but received 8669 you may need the IgnoreSizeErrors option

just add --allowsizemismatch option. Example of error messgae: + NO msg #5476968 [dTkIqMjW1jowM+BZzumd1w] in INBOX + Copying msg #5476968:135936 to folder INBOX Could not fetch message #5476968 from INBOX: message_string() expected 135936 bytes but received 136709 you may need the IgnoreSizeErrors option Taken here : Tips: if you wnat it to even faster, ad --skipsize so it wont get the folder size each time, befiore it copies over the emails. //alak