DUmp RAW WiFi packets on Mac?

Well, as the ttitle suggest, this might be inetersting. Run this in your terminal:


Warning: it will disconnect you from your current connection.

Quoted from here:

i know this thread is pretty dead, but for anyone else who might stumble upon this, here's an easy way to sniff packets:


is a binary that'll do many nifty things... run it without any arguments to get a list of options... specifically, "sudo airport sniff" (obviously, after making a link to the binary) will output a .cap file to /tmp... then you just need to run aircrack on that file... only downer is that you can't see how many packets you've collected so far... closest you could do is run something like "du /tmp/*.cap" and keep track of how large the file's getting

Need further exploring tho..



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