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SAP: Alternate way to approve downloads in Download Basket

As refer to here: Method 1: There's a trick to approve packaged without calling MOPZ. Go to SE37 -> /TMWFLOW/MO_UI_BASKET_AUTHORIZ -> Process -> SAP-OSS -> Execute. OR SE38 and program /TMWFLOW/RMOBASKETAPPROVAL Method 2: An alternative to approve the download basket without Maintenance Optimizer is to create a support message under component SV-SMG-MAI-APR. //alak

Installing .Net Framework in Windows Server 2012

As per the topic, Micorosft has a dedicated page for this here : But basically this works for me. 1. share the DVD drive 2. Open elevated powershell 3. PS C:\Windows\system32> DISM /Online /Enable-Feature /FeatureName:NetFx3 /All /LimitAccess /Source:\\\win\Sources\SxS\ //alak

Enable/Disable Archive Log Mode Oracle 10g/11g

A very very very good and clear explanation from here : To Disable: sqlplus / as sysdba shutdown immediate startup mount alter database noarchivelog; alter database open ; archive log list; To Enable: sqlplus / as sysdba archive log list show parameter recovery_file_dest alter system set log_archive_dest_1= 'LOCATION=/path/orcl/arch' scope = both; shutdown immediate startup mount alter database archivelog; alter database open ; archive log list //alak

How to Lock or Unlock a client In SAP

SAP unlock or Lock client Method 1: - go SE37 - SSCR_LOCK_CLIENT - or SSCR_UNLOCK_CLIENT  Method 2: Locking/unlocking the entire system, an admin can use the following commands: 1. tp locksys pf= 2. tp unlocksys pf= ripped off //alak

SAP - Suspend/De-schedule all the scheduled jobs

For a purpose of system copy, we would need to stop/suspend or de-scheduled all scheduled jobs for export R3LOAD purpose. One quick way to do mass changes on all scheduled jobs is running below: - tcode SE38 - Program:  BTCTRNS1 - Execute This will make all jobs to status "Rescheduled due to Upgrade" After done the R3LOAD export, simply do the followings to restore: - tcode SE38 - Program:  BTCTRNS2 - Execute that's it! //alak

saplicense.exe -R3Setup SID XXXXXX TRACE=2' exits with error code -2. For details see log file(s) saplicense.log, dev_slic.).

Situation: - A R3load based system copy. - Source SID = ECP - Target SID = ECC - During Database instance installation, hit error while creating temp license. - snippets in sapinst_dev.log file: saplicense.exe -R3Setup ECC XXXXXX TRACE=2' exits with error code -2. For details see log file(s) saplicense.log, dev_slic.). - snipets from dev_slic file: -->oci_get_errmsg (con=0, rc=959)    OCIErrorGet -> SQL error code: 959    ORA-00959: tablespace 'PSAPECP' does not exist                                                                                exec_immediate() -> orc=959, 99=DBSL_ERR_DB    DbSlExecute() -> 99=DBSL_ERR_DB *** ERROR => DBSL statement where error happend:    CREATE TABLE MLICHECK (SYSTEMNAME      varchar2(3)  NOT NULL, HARDWAREKEY     varchar2(11) NOT NULL, PRODUCTID       varchar2(20) NOT NULL, CUSTOMERINST    varchar2(10) NOT NULL, SYSID           varchar2(18) NOT NULL, USERLIMIT       number(10)   NOT NULL

Determine whether your SAP is MDMP, Non-Unicode or Unicode

As per Hi Sam, Run report RSCPINST and select /Current NLS config button/. It will show you current NLS settings, and on very top of it display: 1. Non-unicode system - meand single CP or blended CP inst; 2. MDMP installation - it's an MDMP box 3. Unicode inst - guess what  Checked it on MDMP, Unicode & BCP systems here rel 4.7 ent ABAP. Thanks. //alak

Oracle: View all available Schema

Ripped from: select distinct    owner from    dba_segments where    owner not in ( 'SYSTEM',  ' XDB', 'SYS',  ' TSMSYS',  ' MDSYS',  ' EXFSYS',  ' WMSYS',  ' ORDSYS',  ' OUTLN',  ' DBSNMP');


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