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SAP: Alternate way to approve downloads in Download Basket

As refer to here:

Method 1:
There's a trick to approve packaged without calling MOPZ. Go to SE37 -> /TMWFLOW/MO_UI_BASKET_AUTHORIZ -> Process -> SAP-OSS -> Execute.
Method 2:
An alternative to approve the download basket without Maintenance Optimizer is to create a support message under component SV-SMG-MAI-APR.


Installing .Net Framework in Windows Server 2012

As per the topic, Micorosft has a dedicated page for this here :

But basically this works for me.

1. share the DVD drive
2. Open elevated powershell
3. PS C:\Windows\system32> DISM /Online /Enable-Feature /FeatureName:NetFx3 /All /LimitAccess /Source:\\\win\Sources\SxS\


Enable/Disable Archive Log Mode Oracle 10g/11g

A very very very good and clear explanation from here :

To Disable:

sqlplus / as sysdba
shutdown immediate
startup mount
archive log list;

To Enable:

sqlplus / as sysdba
archive log list
show parameter recovery_file_dest

How to Lock or Unlock a client In SAP

SAP unlock or Lock client

Method 1:

- go SE37

Method 2:

Locking/unlocking the entire system, an admin can use the following commands:
1. tp locksys pf=
2. tp unlocksys pf=

ripped off


SAP - Suspend/De-schedule all the scheduled jobs

For a purpose of system copy, we would need to stop/suspend or de-scheduled all scheduled jobs for export R3LOAD purpose. One quick way to do mass changes on all scheduled jobs is running below:

- tcode SE38
- Program: BTCTRNS1
- Execute

This will make all jobs to status "Rescheduled due to Upgrade"
After done the R3LOAD export, simply do the followings to restore:

- tcode SE38
- Program: BTCTRNS2
- Execute

that's it!


saplicense.exe -R3Setup SID XXXXXX TRACE=2' exits with error code -2. For details see log file(s) saplicense.log, dev_slic.).

- A R3load based system copy. - Source SID = ECP - Target SID = ECC - During Database instance installation, hit error while creating temp license. - snippets in sapinst_dev.log file:
saplicense.exe -R3Setup ECC XXXXXX TRACE=2' exits with error code -2. For details see log file(s) saplicense.log, dev_slic.).
- snipets from dev_slic file:
-->oci_get_errmsg (con=0, rc=959)    OCIErrorGet -> SQL error code: 959    ORA-00959: tablespace 'PSAPECP' does not exist                                                                                exec_immediate() -> orc=959, 99=DBSL_ERR_DB    DbSlExecute() -> 99=DBSL_ERR_DB *** ERROR => DBSL statement where error happend:    CREATE TABLE MLICHECK (SYSTEMNAME      varchar2(3)  NOT NULL, HARDWAREKEY     varchar2(11) NOT NULL, PRODUCTID       varchar2(20) NOT NULL, CUSTOMERINST    varchar2(10) NOT NULL, SYSID           varchar2(18) NOT NULL, USERLIMIT       number(10)   NOT NULL, CREATION_DATE   varchar2(8)  NOT…

Determine whether your SAP is MDMP, Non-Unicode or Unicode

As per

Hi Sam,
Run report RSCPINST and select /Current NLS config button/. It will show you current NLS settings, and on very top of it display: 1. Non-unicode system - meand single CP or blended CP inst; 2. MDMP installation - it's an MDMP box 3. Unicode inst - guess what 
Checked it on MDMP, Unicode & BCP systems here rel 4.7 ent ABAP.

Oracle: View all available Schema

Ripped from:

select distinct
   owner not in (


Link to SAP Service Market Place SAPRouter guides how tos downloads.. etc..