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SuSE Update Lists No Repository

We need to perform OS patching for ORAC But found the SUSE connect error and no repositorieds defined. No updates can found currently. ls -l /etc/products.d Wrong baseproduct is defined, it should be cd /etc/products.d unlink baseproduct ln -s baseproduct cat /var/log/cloudregister zypper repos zypper lp --category security Kudos to Stijn De Regge //alak

Restart an SAP service internally in SAP without restarting the service itself

If we restart whole instance, users get disconnected etc, so in a case, for example, we want to restart only message server, we can eithr use MMC and All Task > Restart Service for MessageServer or more simply via command: sapcontrol -nr 61 -function RestartService and to check: sapcontrol -nr 61 -function GetProcessList Kudos to Stijn De Regge and Tibor Fenyosi for the guide! :3 /alak