SAP: Segregate Different SMTP Mail Server Based on Sender Domain



An SAP server, with a single Productive client shared by multiple company codes. Each CoCode would have their own domain (FQDN), and any email send out, for example PO to vendors, are to be sent using each individual CoCode SMTP mail server.

Solution Steps:

1. Configure multiple SMTP nodes in Tx SCOT, limiting each node with a Sender Group

2. Set different Sender Group (CDG) parameters for each user of each CoCode (Tx SU01 > Parameters)

3. Test using SCOT's Routing Test feature

4. Profit

Detail Step:

Logon to SAP system and configure multiple SMTP Node, can use 

Continue with SCOT Wizard.

Once you get multiple Nodes (as per below screenshot), double click any of them, 

In this example, we double click on the "SECOND" node.

And then click on "Set" button for the address type you want to configure (that would most probably be for INT type)

And click the Pencil icon for setting the Sender Group

Here we can set based on FQDN or any string.

We are now done with SCOT.

Next, go to Tx SU01, and Edit any user ID, and click on Parameters tab.

Add or amend a parameter called CDG, and see it same as the Sender Group we set in SCOT

This would ensure that the email sent out by this user, would always use that particular SMTP Node.

Also, make sure to set the user's email address under Address tab.

Now you can test using SCOT's Routing Test feature.

Semoga berjaya!


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