SAP: User Type 'CF' Does Not Exist in Price List during USMM

We had a case where we had to do a User Measurement Exefcise. Required by SAP. In our contract stated user type CF - SAP Business Expert User but in USMM that User Type for Price List "SAP Applications" does not seem to exists.

Resolution:  -> ‘Named User Measurement’ -> ‘Measurement Program Tips & Tricks’ -> then click the link based on your SAP_BASIS RELEASE

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In my case, its SAP_BASIS 7.xx. So proceed as the instruction:

1 - Log on to the target system
2 - Open the ABAP editor, transaction SE38
3 - Create a new report, for example, ZTUTYP_UPD

4 - Choose attribute "Type" as "Executable program"

5 - Save your entries as "Local object"

6 - Load the report text from the download to the text editor (notepad) and save the text on the clipboard
7 - Return to the ABAP editor and insert the text from the clipboard

8 - Save, activate, and run the report

Now go to USMM, choose the correct Price Loist, and the CF type s there.

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