Could not start transport control program TP

The case:
i was about to do a Transport. and in SE09, trying to releasing the TR, the following error occurred:

"Could not start transport control program TP"

Straight away, went to sm21:

And in st22:

A quick googling is in order!

And according to this site:
It recommends me to do a connection test RFC..

And i did.. and it failed!

And this is the moment when i realize this:

- few days back i was trying to make my DEV server to have internet connection.
- after some time i discovered it does not resolve any domains, thus logical thing to do is assigned it with a local DNS name server, which i did.
- that apparently caused the issue. Darn it!

So resolution? Simple, just remove back the name servers and everything back to normal. The things is, all in this environment uses /etc/hosts statically defining ech server involve. A name server really confuses them. Haha

Ok. #LessonLearnt

- Adam


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