SquirrelMail : "The requested URL /src/right_main.php was not found on this server."

This happens very oddly. The sitation is that you login to webmail, then can view, edit, delet move, read everything Okie, except when after you compose, then click on "Send" button, the error came out. it first asks for https verification, then the error.

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Seems the self-guess bu SquirelMail is wrong, as in requesting http://you.webmail.com/src/configtest.php You will see whats the requested URL.

The fix? Im not sure whether its the fix, i believe its a config thingy.

1) vi to config/config.php
2) search for "config_location_base"
3) If you notice, on line 126, theres : $domain = $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'];

So, i have set my $config_location_base to like this:

$config_location_base = 'http://'.$domain;

then? Gao Dim!

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