DotNetNuke : Checking DNN version

The easiest way is listed first, thought alternatives are provided as well.
Checking the version with "Super User" access

If the site in question is up and running and you have a super-user login (typically the "host" user), the version information is displayed at the top of the "Host Settings" page under the "Host" menu.
Checking the version from the database

If the site isn't running properly, or you don't have a login, and you can access the database, you can query the "Version" table to find out the version.

The following query will return the proper version number, assuming an objectQualifier was not used when DotNetNuke was installed. If it was, you'll want to look up the table name, which may be dnn_Version.

select top 1 * from version order by createddate desc

Checking the version from the file system

Alternatively, you can find the DotNetNuke.dll in the website's bin directory and inspect its version.

Right click -> Properties -> Details -> File Version

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