DNSZone::Table::select() failed: no such row in the table

So that error came. It so happen a user mistakenly suspendd the account, and when he tries to unsusped it, the error comes out. SO what do we have to do? To be honest im not sure myself, just try2 googing around.

Heres what i did:

1) Open CMD as ADMINISTRATOR (importatnt to "run as administrator"
2) C:\>"%plesk_bin%"\dbclient.exe --direct-sql --sql="INSERT INTO dns_zone (name, displayName, email) VALUES ('poesyliang.net', 'poesyliang.net', 'user@email.com');"

3) C:\>"%plesk_bin%"\dbclient.exe --direct-sql --sql="SELECT id, name FROM dns_zone where name='poesyliang.net';"
id name
46 poesyliang.net
47 poesyliang.net

4) C:\>"%plesk_bin%"\dbclient.exe --direct-sql --sql="UPDATE domains SET dns_zone_id='47' WHERE name='poesyliang.net';"

And wallah! :D

Thans for guides here : http://www.supportsages.com/blog/2009/08/plesk-account-unsuspension-tableselect-failed-no-such-row-in-the-table/



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