One mice is complicated enough.. -__-

Have you wondered about the amazing world of mices? Well this mice here refers to the mouse, the computing mouse. the ones you click click to go to your fav pr0n sites. Well, whats so fasinating? well, it may look like a simple dump device, we just move it, it maps the movements to the x and y coordinate on our display units, and depending on the pixel its on, it will responds accordingly (the software/apps). Well... a mouse is much more than just a dump little pointing device..

Types of mouse:

- Early mice
- Mechanical mouse devices
- Opto-mechanical
- Optical mice
- Laser mice
- Color of optical mouse diodes
- Glass laser mice
- Inertial and gyroscopic mice
- 3D mice

See? theres shitloads of mices, dont be fooled by those in lowyatts' being just poured down on floors selling for RM3 per piece.. -____-"

Then theres issues of connectivity, accelarations, precision, applications of multiple pointers, single buttons, double buttons, tripplets, and Apple stupidy have that magic mouse with multitouch gestures.. haih~


And, P/S: A mouse uses pad. >____< No wonder they are hard to understand..



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