hye o/

its been a month and a half now, since i first started at ipserverone. Hm.. its good to be where one actually recognize you for what you are. its good to be among those whose passion is the same as yours.its good you dont have to pretend what you are not. :)

so, what i do at ips1? whats my post? er... honestly, im not sure myself. ahahaha.. boss.. do provide your staff with name cards la.. at least we can refer to the 'post' there.. haih chincha~ erm.. pehaps im a support engineer or a system engineer.. or rather.. a system support engineer? ahhha NOPE! its a 5 men show. well, technical wise that is.. the boss, who how-in-the-world-he-just-know-everything, and 4 underling.. (mi~ o/ mi~ o/) so basically, all of us do everything. literally everything.. well, not all for me yet maybe.. im just a noobs whos been there for only a month and a half.. joey, and kenji, the seniors.. well, they are what we called demkit-otai-baQ! and howmun, well, hes our programmer :D he is basically kage-like, scripts for everything.. ahaha

nway, this is just some random stuff.. since its been a while since my last post.. welll.. actually.. i have written a few drafts.. (four to be xact) but never have the effort to finish it, and publish. haha.. i'll try to post up something that is not 'wasting the internet space' later.. (mampu ke..)

k a.. -away-



  1. waste of tenet space! hahaha
    btw do finish ur UTP experience story ;p


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