Check SecStore KeyPhrase of Java Stack

SOLMAN E:\usr\sap\MDJ\SYS\global\sltools>checkKeyPhrase.bat -f E:\usr\sap\MDJ\SY
   INFO: Loading tool launcher...
   INFO: [OS: Windows Server 2012 R2] [VM vendor: SAP AG] [VM version: 1.6.0_105
] [VM type: SAP Java Server VM]
   INFO: Main class to start: ""
   INFO: Loading 40 JAR files: [E:\usr\sap\MDJ\SYS\global\sltools\sharedlib\chec
kKeyPhrase.jar, E:\usr\sap\MDJ\SYS\global\sltools\sharedlib\jdbc.jar, E:\usr\sap
\MDJ\SYS\global\sltools\sharedlib\jperflib.jar, E:\usr\sap\MDJ\SYS\global\sltool
s\sharedlib\jsizecheck.jar, E:\usr\sap\MDJ\SYS\global\sltools\sharedlib\miglib.j
ar, E:\usr\sap\MDJ\SYS\global\sltools\sharedlib\,
E:\usr\sap\MDJ\SYS\global\sltools\sharedlib\, E:\usr\sa

DB2 Issues - DB21061E and SQL1668N - System Copy Export DB6

i was doing SysCopy Export Sys for NW 7.4 (Solman 7.2) ABAP -  DB2 LUW 10.5

Error During db export:

(RTF) ########## WARNING ###########
    Without ORDER BY PRIMARY KEY the exported data may be unusable for some databases

(EXP) ERROR: DbSlPrepare/BegRead failed
  rc = 99, table "/BI0/D0CCMVRKFP"
  (SQL error -1668)
  error message returned by DbSl:
SQL1668N  The operation failed because the operation is not supported with this environment. Reason code: "5
(DB) INFO: disconnected from DB

I updated kernel to latest,a dn updated SWPM to latest. No success

found this note: 2357018 - BW Content Activation fails in SOLMAN_SETUP for DB2

it ask to execute
db2 update dbm cfg using intra_parallel yes

but when i try it gives me this:

SOLMAN e:\>db2
DB21061E  Command line environment not initialized.


SOLMAN C:\Windows\system32>echo %DB2CLP%

SOLMAN C:\Windows\system32>
SOLMAN C:\Windows\system32&…

Audit for SAP System (ABAP Stack)

I plan to update this blog post from time to time with reports and ways and methods and approach for auditing a system once installed. All date/time listed here is GMT+8.

Added 18.10.2016:
Report RSUSR003


SAP Fiori Launchpad Activation via Task List (STC01)

Two good references:

Following are the task available on STC01 to perform Fronend setup:
SAP_FIORI_LAUNCHPAD_INIT_SETUP - To activate launchpad OData and HTTP services on an SAP Gateway system (frontend)SAP_SAP2GATEWAY_TRUSTED_CONFIG - To create a trusted connection from an SAP system to SAP Gateway.SAP_GATEWAY_ADD_SYSTEM -  To connect an SAP system (backend) to an SAP Gateway system (frontend).SAP_GATEWAY_ADD_SYSTEM_ALIAS - To create a system alias for an existing remote function call destination (to backend).SAP_GATEWAY_ACTIVATE_ODATA_SERV - To activate multiple OData services. OData services are required to initially set up the SAP Fiori Launchpad and the SAP Fiori Launchpad designer.SAP_BASIS_ACTIVATE_ICF_NODES - To activate multiple HTTP Services (ICF). The SAP Fiori Launchpad uses the User interface add-on for SAP …

Analysizng Slow SAP Transactions - STAD/SE30/SAT

This will be a very incomplete port.

Think can use STAD first to find out where the time is spent for the transaction.  Can also use SE30/SAT to analyze


SAP SPAM/TMS: Object Locked by xxx

Sometimes during Support Package installation via SPAM/SAINT OCS will complaint some objects s locked by some Transport Request. But when you try to release the Transport Reuest, it'll say some other objects locked by OCS queue.

Found a cheat here:

You can resolve this issue in 2 ways:
1. Go to SE03 and then you use the unlock object option. Here make sure you are unlocking both the request as well as the task in it.
2. You can also release the transport request locally i.e without a target. You need to simply remove the target through SE01. The objects will be unlocked once the TR is released and also won't move to the next system.